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Promotional Video Showcase – Pet Positives

Bright, sunny December day. Sparkling waters of Bondi Beach. Enter Dr Chris Brown with a herd of dogs, cats and their respective owners, descending on the peaceful beach. Braving the sea of hair and drool, we set up to film a promotional video to launch the 2015 Pet Positives Score.

Partnering up to promote the benefits of pet ownership, Pet Positives and Mars Petcare Australia created the 2015 Pet Positives Score. The score indicates a city’s pet friendliness, including inclusivity, pet friendly areas and local council regulations.

The scores revealed that Australia’s pet populations are in decline. One reason for this is to the low levels of pet friendly characteristics of Aussie cities.

Promotional videos

According to tonnes of research, owning a friendly canine or a furry feline has a whole lot of benefits.

Pets can improve:

  • Happiness
  • Overall health
  • Self-esteem
  • Childhood development

They can also be good for business. Allowing pets in the workplace:

“…improves employee morale and work productivity, lowers stress, decreases employee absenteeism and boosts employee’s willingness to work overtime” 

Pet Positives

Working with Palin Communication, The Deli was tasked with capturing the highlights of the launch and creating a promotional video to support it.

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