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With so many social media channels to choose from, how do you know which ones are right for your brand and / or company? It’s time to focus on the value of social media channels for brands.

Just because all these platforms are available, it doesn’t mean you need to be on all of them. Social media content takes time and planning; and it’s important that the content you create is on brand, on message and in the right format for the channel you’re posting on.

The list below outlines the pros and cons of the most popular social media channels for brands:


Facebook is a giant global network used by 128+ billion users to share photos, videos and links


  • Live Streaming – it’s hot right now!
  • Ability to upload both videos & socials
  • Great analytic reports on brand pages


  • It’s a pay to play world if you really want traction
  • There’s too much noise to cut through


This platform has an active user base of over 271 million posting text, links, images and video in 140 characters or less


  • Newsworthy, upbeat and fast
  • Great for targeting professionals in real time
  • Hashtags are a great way to join / be part of a larger conversation


  • Message limit is 140 characters
  • The refresh rate on content is high – you need to be active.


This social platform is primarily a mobile app that has 200+ million users all sharing pictures and short videos


  • Pictures speak louder than words, and videos even louder
  • Great for businesses with a visual product to gain high engagement
  • Awesome for user generated content (when you have the audience base)


  • Time needs to be taken to plan the perfect picture
  • Less one-to-one engagement than other networks

Google Plus

One of the less-popular networks created by Google to compete with Facebook. 300 million users are on the platform but many of them don’t realise it!


  • Great for SEO and search ranking
  • Fewer active users means that users tend to be more responsive


  • Google has put everyone on it, but not everyone is active
  • It’s another social platform to put content on


This network is used by 300 million business professionals to share experiences, news and career knowledge.


  • There are 300 million active business professionals as users
  • Great to build brand and personal brand reputation


  • Entirely focussed on business and careers – and so does your content
  • Limited features when it comes to sharing and viewing video content


Now you understand each platform, it’s time to master how to create content for them. Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming blog ‘Managing the demand of content creation’ :

Need some help working out which social media channels to use? Get in touch today!