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With so many social media channels to choose from, how do you know which ones are right for your brand and / or company? And what are users really using the platforms for?

The list below outlines the pros and cons of social media channels for users, and has come in handy time and time again when it comes to planning content for a platform’s user base.


Facebook is a giant global network used by 128+ billion users to share photos, videos and links


  • Most likely network to contain the largest number of your connections / target market
  • Includes most of the features of its competitors all in one place


  • Everyone you know is on it – it lacks cool, exclusive appeal
  • Highly saturated with brands, advertisers and click-bait


This platform has an active user base of over 271 million posting text, links, images and video in 140 characters or less


  • It’s an instant news source
  • You have direct access to public icons


  • It’s high volume of content can be overwhelming for users
  • Character limit is limiting!


This social platform is primarily a mobile app that has 200+ million users all sharing pictures and short videos


  • Easy scrolling, and easy on the eye – doesn’t have much text or links
  • The photography is beautiful and eye-catching


  • Less one-to-one engagement than other networks
  • Complicated features (i.e. filters) can cause anxiety!


70 million users (of which 80% are women) use this online collaging platform to share inspiration and bookmark links.


  • Great for finding ideas around topics
  • The content is both inspiring and motivating


  • Very little social interaction with others
  • Topics revolve around specific and selected categories

Google Plus

One of the less-popular networks created by Google to compete with Facebook. 300 million users are on the platform but many of them don’t realise it!


  • Awesome features such as video hangouts and community circles
  • Fewer active users means that users tend to be more responsive


  • It’s an extreme quiet network in comparison to others
  • Some features can be difficult to figure out


This network is used by 300 million business professionals to share experiences, news and career knowledge.


  • There are 300 million active business professionals as users


  • Entirely focussed on business and careers
  • Limited features when it comes to sharing and viewing video content


This fast growing mobile app for sharing pictures and videos now has over 100 million users.


  • Young, private & cool – it oozes exclusivity!
  • Instant, fun and creative


  • Privacy concerns
  • Limited Functionality


Need some help working out which social media channels to use? Get in touch today!