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Day 3, of the #30DayBlogChallenge had me twiddling my thumbs following a jam-packed day of data-entry and paperwork.

As much as these tasks help form the fundamental foundations of any successful business, anyone that knows me will understand that working in ‘black and white’ all day would have bored me senseless. I think that speaks for itself in terms of creativity!

Unsurprisingly then I was in this state when until such time that I joined my housemate for dinner and posed the question – “what should I write today’s blog about”.

Her response, was to write something that she would be interested in reading. To write something that the everyday person would want to read in order to understand how ‘what I do’ would benefit their industry.

I have to point out that in her eyes (and words) I do the following for work:

“you make videos for people to grow their businesses, show them how to use social media & wear pink steel cap boots in pictures”

In reality, I build relationships with businesses large and small in order to understand what they do, what their vision is and how they operate. Then I work with them to create and implement video and social content that drive traffic and build community engagement.

Now while the theory of digital, video & social can be applied to every industry, writing a blog post to her general specifications was not going to be possible. So, as she’s a massage therapist in one of Sydney’s luxury day spas, we decide to centre our dinner conversation around the company she works for and how my skill set, and that of the Deli Team, would benefit them. Which in turn would have an impact on her.

We started by viewing the company’s Facebook page, and it’s clear from a glance that the organisation has an amazing PR company because the press coverage of the spa is phenomenal!

But the downside of this? All their social content was driving their traffic away from the company’s booking page. No traffic to the booking page from social, means no bookings. Which in turn means no hours for the massage therapist.

Ergo, lack of direction & knowledge behind the company’s social content is having a direct impact on bookings; which in turn is impacting my housemates pay packet!

So I give her a high overview of how to generate traffic for a business using social media; and point out the following to be mindful of when creating content:

  • Share third party content but be mindful that in doing so you’re driving your audience away from your content;
  • Ensure there is fresh content on your website to direct your social community towards;
  • Don’t use your social content to ‘sell’, use it to educate, engage & communicate with your audience; and
  • Remember that the purpose of your social content is to build a relationship between your brand and it’s audience.

I was in passionista dreamland with this conversation. Someone outside of work had genuinely asked me a question and was interested in the answers I was sharing.

But mid cheese-plate I look up to see her eyes completely switched off.

This my friend, is why you don’t spend your time talking to non-decision makers in a business, They may like the idea of understanding the process, but in reality they barely use social media for personal reasons – let alone want to understand it in order to grow a business!

We both laughed about it, as did the table next to us – my housemate had, unknowingly to me, hit the snooze button!

As an entrepreneur we quite often find ourselves tied up and over excited about the work that we passionately live & breathe. But time is money, and businesses without money aren’t worth having.

Make sure you’re having conversations with prospects who are on the same wavelength as you; and who genuinely want to know about and use your services. Make time for those who are curious, but don’t over commit yourself to having long conversations with every man and his dog.


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