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Reaching Distance: The Making Of A Feature Film

By September 6, 2018October 10th, 2018Video Production


Back in January 2016 we embarked on self-funding and creating a fully independent Australian feature film written by own very own David Fairhurst.

After 18 months of blood, sweat, tears and support from both clients and friends ‘Reaching Distance’ finally premiered  at Cinefest Oz in Western Australia. Fast forward a couple more months and we’re in cinemas across the country.

When you’re watching a film you don’t have an understanding of what actually goes into making one. So… we’ve created a short 4-part behind-the-scenes video series: ‘Reaching Distance – The Making of a Feature Film’


Reaching Distance is a tense drama is about a man that follows his sister’s killer onto a nightrider bus. The already jaded Logan, who self-destructed after witnessing his twin’s death, is ready to make the killer pay. But his plans are interrupted as the line between his memories and reality fractures on the journey, the past literally breaking into the present and inhabiting the bus.

Episode One: Buying A Bus

In our first episode we focus on purchasing our set – a bus! And the lengths it took to turn our run-down bus into a functioning film set complete with old-Hollywood tricks to create the illusion of a moving vehicle.

Episode Two: Making Memories

Our second episode chronicles the transformation of the bus into a New Year’s Eve Party and Nightclub in the same action-packed day. We also explore the ingenuity of the numerous departments required to turn it into an Aquarium!

Episode Three: Cast & Crew

In this episode, we unashamedly gush about how amazing the film’s cast and crew are. Making a film of Reaching Distance’s size and budget can be an uphill battle, so they genuinely pulled off a miracle.

Episode Four: The Final Stop

In the final episode we look at the last days on set. Both at the visually experimental scenes that were filmed and another complicated transformation, plus the bittersweet emotional tone on set as the project came to an end,

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