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We’re making a feature film!

(And taking an out-of-the-box approach to funding it)


A promotional video is an essential part of any website, no matter the size of the business. And a highlight reel is the perfect way to celebrate an event and sell tickets to the next one.

MHI Global Elevate 2016 – Highlights
Safe & Sound Property – Promo

How does it work?

Instead of asking for money, we’ve chosen to donate 100% of video profits during September to the production of Reaching Distance. We just need you to pay for your videos up front so that we can fully fund the film! In asking that we’ve made the process as simple as we can:

  • Get in touch & tell us you want to be involved
  • Purchase your video for $2500
  • We issue you with a credit note to use at a later date

Want to get involved, but don’t have a business or event?

Pay it forward!

Purchase a video and donate it to a charity of your choice.
Your name AND the charity logo will feature in the film’s credits!

Terms & Conditions

We understand that you might not be ready to use your video straight away, so upon receiving payment we’ll issue you with a credit note. Please note:

  • All credit notes are valid for 12 months and can be used for 1x DeliStart Bronze Promotional video OR 1x Highlights video
  • All credit notes are non-transferable
  • Standard Deli Agency Terms & Conditions apply for all video productions


Get to know the team who’ll be making the Deli’s first feature film!

The story of Reaching Distance follows Logan, a man with a photographic memory, as he follows his sister’s killer onto a nightrider bus. Logan, already jaded by a lifetime of tragic memories has broken down after witnessing his sister’s death. Haunted by the vivid recollections of the event and armed with a switchblade, Logan uses the journey to plot his revenge.

But Logan’s vengeance is disrupted as the line between past and present begins to fracture. Logan sees conflicts from his past taking place within the bus, time begins to loop and his interactions with the other passengers become increasingly bizarre. As Logan searches for a means of escape from the increasingly prison-like bus, he uncovers he has a past with every single other passenger.

In the vein of high concept dramas like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Reaching Distance is full of dynamic visuals and action-driven set pieces despite the single location. Whilst never losing a sense of humour and humanity, the film’s momentum builds and builds until it arrives at a heartwrenching climax.


Get to know the team who’ll be making the Deli’s first feature film!

DAVID FAIRHURST – Writer/Director

David has been on film sets in various roles for over a decade. His short films have screened at film festivals and genre events all over the world, including the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con.

His screenplay “The Consultant” won the Script Pipeline First Look Project and was a finalist in the Academy Nicholl Fellows hips and BlueCat Screenplay Competition.

The script for “Reaching Distance” received similar acclaim and development assistance from Script Pipeline.

View his showreel

Rebecca is the Founder & Director of the Deli Agency. Coming from a publishing background and holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Media & Journalism; she is all about building long-term relationships based on values & trust; and has the privilege of forming working relationships with the likes of LinkedIn, BOC, Hitachi Construction Machinery, & ASUS.

Rebecca is a digital video strategist, creative content specialist & fearless entrepreneur with an appetite for making quality video & social content accessible to all.

View the Deli’s showreel
GOLDIE SOETIANTO – Cinematographer

Goldie Soetianto is an award-winning young Sydney-based cinematographer.

Filmmaking combines her passion for both visual creative expression and technical skill.

She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television (QUT) as well as a Graduate Diploma in Cinematography (AFTRS).

She has photographed short films that have played at Cannes, Palm Springs and many other international film festivals.

View her showreel
LAURA MURRAY – Production Designer

Laura Murray is Sydney-based production designer and art department practitioner. After graduating from a BA Communications (Media Arts & Production) at UTS in 2011, she undertook a Grad Diploma in Production Design at AFTRS. In 2013, her final AFTRS film  ‘Spirit Harbour’ won Best Student Design at the APDG awards.

Laura has is experienced across various mediums, from short films to features and TVCs, and is passionate about great storytelling and strong collaboration. And good catering. Laura is really passionate about good catering.

View her showreel