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We always here marketers talking about us considering the voice of our brand online; but let’s think about it for a minute what does that really mean?

Think about how your voice changes in different social situations, this is very much like the use of your brand voice across different social platforms. Each social platform has it’s only unique language and characteristics. Just like you my change how you speak dependent on the people you’re around, your brand voice on social media should reflect the user base and how they speak.

You may hear me say a lot and to quote him, but Brian Fanzo sums it up best when he tells us to “think like a fan”

Another thing you’re often told by marketers is to differ your content across platforms, this even mean is the type of language that you use. Remember your brand voice should be consistent, but more importantly relevant to wear is being consumed.

So have a think about how you present your brand online at the moment, and ask yourself could I be doing a better job?

Have a look at some of the brands that do this really well, and compare their content against your own. Obviously bigger brands have bigger budgets and therefore more time to create content. As small businesses, I would argue that we are at an advantage over big business in the fact that it is quicker and easier for us to pivot when social platforms evolve and change. This is simply because there is less process that has to take place in order for change to happen for a small business.

Right now a great example of this is how some small businesses are already leveraging the PokémonGO marketing opportunity, where bigger brands are slow to adopt and embrace this new technology.

As Bryan Cramer says it is not B2B or B2C; but H2H – human to human. The importance of your voice on social in building relationships with York customers and clients is crucial. Often in relationship building how you say things is as important if not more important than what you say. Think about how many times in your life you may have misheard or misunderstood something, and with the written content online there is no emotive voice and it is therefore important to be super careful about what you publish when you publish and how are you publish your content.

Also remember content is king, but context is queen; which means they go hand-in-hand and for the perfect mix you cannot have one without the other.

As with all our posts, there is no point discussing something with out a call to action. Today take a little time to review what you say and how you say it online. As a customer of your own business does it read well, look good, and deliver the exact message you are trying to achieve. If in doubt a good place to start is by asking a handful of close friends to read your content prior to publishing. The reason for asking more than one person is to get a varied opinion. If you’re not comfortable asking your friends, then feel free to contact me to arrange a quick overview of how you can improve your online brand voice.

Hand-in-hand with improving your brand voice, I think it is important to look at your social schedule for when you post to enhance what do you post.

To make it super simple for you, you have direct access to my calendar to book a free 15 minute consultation, if you think this would be advantageous to your business. The button for this can be found on the homepage or in the sidebar.

As always I am looking forward to helping you and making your life easier.

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