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A Sneak Peak Preview

Our first behind-the-scenes video features Shopback Australia. and the creation of their first video for their Australian market launch.

In a new twist for DeliBytes we’ve decided to create behind-the-scenes videos for some of our awesome client project. Why? Well there’s a lot that goes into making a short 1 minute video and here at the Deli we love the whole process.

ShopBack came to the Deli Agency wanting to create content to break through to the Aussie market. They previously had only been active in Asia so they needed a promotional piece that would appeal to a different demographic.

We are a team of creative thinkers so we absolutely loved coming up with and developing the concept for the video! From storyboarding to talent scouting all the way through to prop and set design.

The video is a sneak peak look into how a top level creative commercial is born. From storyboarding to talent scouting.  We ensure we work really closely with our clients so we can deliver exactly what it is they are after.

Once you’ve check out behind-the-scenes, scroll down to watch the final video which netted over 500,000 views in a matter of weeks!

Shopback ‘Shopaholic’

The Finished Video

ShopBack Australia revolutionizes online purchases by giving you cashback for your transactions, literally get paid to shop!

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