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Since its release in November 2012, the Metro Trains campaign of ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ YouTube video has gained over 106 million views alone and this by far is an impressive statistic. It’s hard to forget this video – the colourful, cheeky characters and the dark comedy that it resonated within the video, not to mention the catchy theme song. So the question is – why is this video campaign so memorable? It’s because of its powerful use of comedy and pure entertainment.

It’s easy to overlook comedy because naturally, you’d think it would be fitting for a film or a novel you’ve been reading but the effectiveness it brings to your video campaign – whatever you’re promoting – is one that will delight viewers around the web, building brand loyalty for your company. It’s easy to digest a video that is entertaining and the ability to be able to promote something important to you will be brought across easily on a video platform, especially if it provokes laughter to your target audience. So why is making a humorous and entertaining video effective for the campaign you’re promoting?

It has engaging content!

The good thing about this video campaign is the simplicity it has through its use on animation and visuals. Not only has it brought the message across in an entertaining way but the creativity behind it is clever and witty. When it comes to thinking about a particular video campaign, you want to think about your target audience and the message you want to bring across. It’s important to factor in people who have short attention spans so making your video eye-catching is one way to keep viewers hooked. You want to make them feel like this is something important to watch and one that they will never forget.

It has brought an evolution of ideas, giving you a fresh perspective on the video campaign and its intention.

The effectiveness of video is the way it brings fresh ideas to the table. A video campaign wants to make an impact on their target audience. The ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ video had the capacity to bring a message across about not making stupid choices while using trains as a form of transport. Here, the video campaign brought ideas that formed into a song and an interactive game which built the engagement of their audience. Not only did it bring new ideas but it became a starting point for these things to happen.

Overall, having a sense of humour when it comes to making your video campaign is one of the best ways you can build an audience. Not only will it bring across your message effectively, but it has the power to convince people that what you’re promoting is important.