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Ever received spam from a business? Or come across a Facebook page who’s posts were constantly irrelevant, pushy and just plain annoying? Social media is a powerful tool used across all businesses, but use it incorrectly and you will deter new customers.

Much like in the offline world, the social media space has certain rules or etiquettes that people and businesses alike should abide by. You wouldn’t ignore someone talking to you at a party, simply because you disagree with their opinion, would you? So why would you ignore criticism or an alternative perspective on social media?

Let us share with you our guide to social media etiquette – to give you the tricks of the trade, the DO’s and DON’Ts of social media marketing.


  • Focus on the people: it’s easy to forget this surprisingly. Sometimes businesses focus on themselves and don’t recognise that they’re supposed to promote with a customer-oriented approach. There is nothing more impressive than a company showing care for its people.
  • Build an audience: by using a combination of social networking sites, website, blog platform and face-to-face interaction. Social media may aid start-up companies but to effectively portray the vision of your business is to use a combination of all tools, like the business website and blog, or meeting up with clients in person.
  • Participate in conversation: being active in an online community and understanding the opinions and feedback from customers shows respect and loyalty. Your audience will show appreciation for your proactive nature as a business and brand.
  • Publish engaging content: reading content that is up-to-date and interesting shows that your brand can be trusted in its professionalism. Ensure that content is relevant and aligns with your business’ vision.
  • Use platforms that are worthy enough for your marketing goals: it helps to keep up with the trends of certain social media platforms. Make it an advantage for your company to have marketing goals and use different social media platforms to achieve them.



  • Shy away from approaching new methods: keeping things interesting is doing something different all the time. Stray away from traditional methods. Sometimes a little change is all you need to see your business thrive.
  • Ignoring audience enquiries: to current and future customers, communication is a must. If you ignore your audience, they will only get louder or disappear completely. Treat social media enquiries, complaints and feedback just as you would if they came via email or over the phone.
  • Disconnect from people who have different opinions: it’s important to believe in your work and have passion for what you do. There might be times when people disagree with you or have a different perspective. Always show respect and maintain your integrity and don’t let other people’s negative opinions bring you down. Discussion is a healthy way of putting your name out there.
  • Participate in social media without having any specific goals: always know what you’re getting yourself into. Having set goals in mind for your business and brand is imperative. Be clear on what you want to achieve and have specific targets you want to reach.
  • Be on every social platform that exists: it’s important to keep up with the trends but be on the social platforms that have the potential to promote your name and business effectively. Less is more.

Have a DO or DON’T on social media etiquette you’d like to share? Post a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

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