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We’re living in a digital world, and like it or not, social media is here to stay. Consumers want instant access to products and services; smartphones and an endless array of apps provide access to a world of information at a touch of a button.

Still feeling skeptical about using social media for business? Consider this: according to Social Media News, social networks in Australia are at 14 million users on Facebook, 13.7 million on YouTube, 5 million (and growing) on Instagram and 2.8 million on Twitter. Chances are your customer are on these platforms too. But if you’re not, you’re missing out on not just potential sales – social media networks build and nurture relationships and the same applies to social media for business.

So how can you effectively use social media for business?

Promote your business and brand

There are a number of ways you can promote your business and brand on social media platforms. Create an account and start posting content that is interesting, authentic and relevant to your customers. Social media is the megaphone your brand needs to be heard. So make sure you are clear on the tone and voice of your brand before you start shouting from the rooftops. Be consistent and engaging and you will find customers emerge from all corners of social networks.

Some platforms also allow you to promote your brand through relatively low-cost advertisements. But before you start spending your marketing dollars on Facebook ads, make sure that your page is populated with good content.

Sharing is caring

Make sure you share what you know. Your specialist knowledge is why your customers seek you out, so put some of it out there to make you easier to find. Creating how-to guides, tips, FAQs and simple articles will draw your customers in and position you as an expert in your field.

Monitor enquiries and questions and listen to feedback to make sure you’re posting the right things.

Build a strong network

Each social media platform is a collection of online communities with shared interests, needs and likes. Businesses are in a position, unique to the digital age, to tap into these networks and approach potential customers. Listening is key – find out common problems and predict future issues that your business can remedy. Offer advice and listen to feedback – never be pushy or aggressive with selling your products. Remember your customers are smart and they will see a desperate salesman from a thousand megabytes away! But if you are genuine and helpful, you will see your network of followers grow quickly.

If you want to stay competitive and front of mind, you need to start thinking about using social media for business. Remember to have your customers in mind and be smart and creative with how you promote yourself.

Need help with setting up social media for business? Get in touch with us and we’ll show you how.

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