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The social media landscape is always changing. By the time you learn one feature of one platform, you’re already behind on three new trends on other channels.

Unless you work in social media, keeping up is almost impossible!

To catch you up on the latest news in social, we’ve summarised the more important changes and updates below.

1. Instagram: Multiple accounts


Finally, Instagram has answered our collective prayers and introduced multiple accounts! Not only is it available on the latest version of their iOS and Android apps, but it’s actually really simple to switch between accounts.

Make sure you have the latest version of the app, go to ‘Settings’, ‘Add new account’ and you’re set! To switch between accounts, just go to your profile and tap your username at the top and select the account you want to use.

Thanks Instagram. You’re alright!

2. Snapchat: It’s closing in on the comp

In January this year, Bloomberg News reported that Snapchat was gaining momentum in catching up with social media giant, Facebook in video views. The app reportedly has 7 billion mobile views each day. EACH. DAY.

This is incredible as Facebook has a user base 15 times larger than Snapchat and it is reporting 8 billion views per day.

To top it off, Snapchat has also just introduced Snapchat Live Stories, debuting it during the Oscars. Check it out here.

Marketers with a video marketing strategy need to start considering Snapchat as a key player in the social sphere.

3. Facebook: Reactions, Instant articles and Canvas

Facebook has granted us three new features already this year – Reactions, Instant Articles and Canvas.

Reactions on Facebook now allow you not only to like something but have specific reactions to posts, like: Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry. Reactions are Facebook’s answer to the dislike button. Fearing that a dislike button would breed too much negativity, the social giant decided to offer users a range of options.

To use Reactions, just hover over the like button and select an emoji that reflects how you really feel.

The Instant Articles format on Facebook promises to load articles on the platform 10 times faster on mobile. In addition the feature allows publishers to bring their stories to life through auto-play videos, high-res images and interactive maps. So far, it’s only been available to a select number of publishers, but come April… Instant Articles will be open to publishers big and small.

Read more about Facebook Instant Articles straight from the source.

Last, but not least, Canvas is a brand spanking new interactive advertising interface on Facebook. Ads will look the same in your newsfeed, but when you click through, you’ll be taken to a Facebook hosted full-screen experience, complete with high-res images, videos and stories.

All companies interested in Facebook advertising should check it out!