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Social Media. Everyone’s on it, and everyone is actively using it. But how as a brand do you cut through the noise and get noticed? It’s simple – Stop Interrupting. Start Engaging.

The number one mistake I see people make time & time again, is that they use social media to sell their product or service; when in fact social media should be used as a tool to educate, inform & engage an audience.


The average person checks their phone 150x a day & is constantly consuming digital content both consciously & subconsciously. They use different platforms for different purposes. For example, millennials favour the likes of Facebook for research, Twitter for real-time news & Snapchat for conversation.

Before creating any content for social, find out what platforms your audience
are using & what they’re using it for!

Step One – Play

Most businesses struggle with creating content from a time & money perspective, so it’s really important that you take the time to understand your audience, the way they work & the way the social platforms work before creating any content.

Step Two – Create

It’s imperative that you create content to fit a specific social platform, because content is not a one-size fits all thing. Social content doesn’t have to be over polished. Audiences want authenticity from the content that they’re consuming. Don’t over think it, and don’t waste hours trying to perfect something. Done is better than perfect as they say!

Step Three – Trial

Creating content doesn’t have to be expensive, and nor should it be when it comes to creating content for social platforms. The platforms are moving fast and you don’t have the luxury of time when it comes to content for social. I encourage you to try something new on a small scale to test the waters. If it works, great keep going. If it doesn’t, tweak it and try again!

(Check out the social content we creating for Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia that increased their website traffic by over 600%!)


The digital space is ever evolving which means that unfortunately social & video strategy is not a set and forget. Keep playing, keep creating and keep trialling – your audience will love you for it!


Remember: When it comes to creating content…

Stop Interrupting. Start Engaging!


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