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2015 has been a year of change for The Delicatessen. We have faced many challenges and celebrated some brilliant wins, said goodbye to staff and welcomed new talent. As I look toward 2016 and beyond, I’m filled with excitement and anticipation – I can’t wait to see the new heights The Delicatessen can reach with the help of my team, partners and support networks.

But in order to move forward, it’s important to take stock of where we come from and what we achieved in the past year. So, here’s the lowdown on The Delicatessen in 2015.


The Delicatessen
The Challenges



The months of April and May definitely tested us!

Zoltan, The Delicatessen’s Founding Partner, decided to take the plunge and pursue a long brewing dream to move overseas – consequently stepping out of the business completely.

Mel, our Communications Ambassador, made a longed-for sea change, moving to the beaches. Unfortunately, due to the relocation, she also had to leave The Delicatessen.

Uppy, our Content Guru, got offered her dream job at a music magazine and has been living the life of a rock journo ever since!

As much as it pained me to see these amazingly talented people go, I am so glad that each of them are pursuing dreams and living the life they want. After all, The Delicatessen ethos is all about passionate people living passionate lives!

So best of luck to Zoltan, Mel and Uppy! Go get ‘em guys!


Managing some client expectations was no easy feat!

We can definitely cover your logo in snowflakes but it is physically impossible for us to make a bored audience look excited or happy. Or make a half empty room look packed to the rims in a video…

Blood, sweat and a lot of tears went into some projects, but they’ve all been worth it. The lessons we’ve learned this year as invaluable and have definitely made us grow.

The Man That Can (TMTC) is a brainchild of mine, originally developed for small businesses with limited budgets. This year, however, proved that TMTC cause much more excitement in the corporate sector and so we’ve had to make some relevant changes. TMTC will now sit under The Delicatessen, as an off-the-shelf product rather than a brand of its own.

The Man That Can

The Highlights



At the beginning of the year we moved into our fabulous office in Stanmore and merely 8 months later we finally have The Delicatessen sign on the door! It definitely feels like home now.



After saying goodbye to the old crew, The Delicatessen welcomed a few new faces in 2015.

Nikola came on board as the new Communications Ambassador on a part-time basis. Starting as two days per week initially, she is now with us three days, focusing on our website and social content as well as assisting clients with their content needs.

Jana joined us as our fantastic Social Media intern. Her enthusiasm and effort have been invaluable and she keeps the team updated on the hottest bands, newest TV shows and provides regular movie and gig reviews!

David, our Cinematographer/Editor has been more involved with The Delicatessen – he has been hanging out at The Deli office (and on Deli shoots) on an almost full time basis.


While I attended two weddings and enjoyed a bit of time off overseas in August/September, Nikola and David stepped up and kept the business afloat! The workload was slightly higher than I expected (and by slightly, I mean a LOT) but they handled it with ease and a level of professionalism I am extremely proud of. Thanks guys!

Laz is still the silent type…


Projects, Clients and Partners

Easily the biggest highlights in 2015 were the awesome projects we were involved in through our wonderful clients and partners.

Our ongoing relationship with Palin Communications has been sensational. Palin’s team are a fabulous bunch of people who make working with them a breeze!

We don’t like to name-drop, but through Palin Communications, we worked on amazing projects like:

My MS Victory with Tim Ferguson and MS Australia

Tim F

Pass4Prostate with The Wallabies and The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia


Pets Positive with Dr Chris Brown

Dr Brown

LinkedIn has also been a fantastic client and we are so pleased to have such a strong continuing relationship!

I’d also like to give a big shout-out to BOC for harnessing the use of video in their internal communications. We are very impressed by the effort and resources they dedicate to educating and communicating with their staff.



A personal highlight for me was speaking at Vivid | Game On in May on “Hot Content – How to Get Content Seen”. What a privilege! It was a fantastic experience, one I will be keen to do again if the opportunity presents itself!


Also a big YAY for zero gear or equipment damage this year! Not even a single zipper caught or bag torn, no cameras dropped or lenses scratched!

All in all, The Delicatessen started off with a bit of a slap in the face, but in the second round we fought back and are as pumped as ever for what’s to come!

Here’s 2015 in a nutshell: