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What is a digital strategy and why should you have one? In today’s digital world you can’t afford not to have one. Even if your business is small, a digital strategy could mean the difference between staying in the game and actually winning!

But before you dive head first into actions, it is wise to spend time and resources on analysing your processes, the business environment and market and start with the foundations of a digital strategy.

Here’s how to get started:


Review your current processes and make sure they are efficient, logical and clear. Update any that  hinder up work flow, create confusion or simply don’t work. Get rid of any that are unnecessary.

Market Analysis

Analyse your market and your customers’ expectations; look at where you stand amongst all your competitors and define your point of difference, i.e.: cheaper, better quality, wider product offering etc.

Website Analysis

Look at your website analytics. You can see time spent on each page, exit points on the website, points of interest, visitor information and source, and a whole range of other important information. These insights should shape the content of your website and can even change the direction of your marketing efforts. If a page is making your customers run, you need to find out why and change it. If ninety percent of your traffic is coming from one source, you need to find out why. Website analytics can help identify major issues that could be easy fixes.

Social Media Analysis

Look at your social media analytics and see how your accounts are performing. Find out which posts perform well and which types to drop. If you tried advertising on social media, has it worked? Why or why not? Should you be on any other platforms that you are not present on currently? Research and listen to your audience – what are they saying? Are there any problems you can help solve?

Product Analysis

Take a close look at the products you offer. Is there anything you could do to improve or make your product offering more unique? Offer new products digitally. Collaborate with other businesses to offer a wider selection of products that are in synergy with yours.

Customer Analysis

If you haven’t already, identify target customers, ascertain their needs and specify how your offering can satisfy those needs. Make sure you talk to your existing customers and get some invaluable feedback. Your customers can help you identify any gaps in your service and identify any areas in need of improvement.

Your analysis will offer some key insights which will drive your digital strategy.

It is important for all your digital marketing to work in unison as well:

  • Draw up a 6 to 12 month plan so that your efforts are consistent and not ad hoc.
  • Make sure that your offering is in line with your customers’ needs.
  • Update your website and have a plan for SEO, using the data collected from your website analytics. They will need constant tweaking.

Professional, specialised assistance may be a necessary investment for a comprehensive and effective digital strategy. Help with SEO and a website keyword analysis can be especially important and valuable.

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