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What’s the deal with case studies?

Well, the thing is, they’re actually pretty useful tools for businesses. They can generate traffic, build credibility, spread the word and showcase your company.


Highlight success a.k.a. BRAG

Case studies are a great way to brag about how great your business is without actually bragging.

Good case studies tell stories – stories of your expertise or product helping achieve great results for a client. In other words, they make you the hero, the knight in shining armour.

If you don’t have a case study for each of your most successful campaigns (that have surely earned you some bragging rights!), you’re missing out on some serious promo opportunities!

Leverage your client’s brand to build trust

When you have worked with big, well-known brands, case studies allow you leverage their reputation. Especially great for new, small businesses who haven’t had a chance to establish a name for themselves in an industry, but have successfully proven themselves to a few big names.

When a potential client visits your website and reads a success story of a familiar, trusted brand, they will be much more likely to trust your capabilities. According to research by BrightLocal, 88% of consumers look at online reviews and recommendations to gauge the quality of a business. Case studies are the proof of the pudding for businesses.

Offer a different perspective

Case studies showcase how your product or service works, rather than simply explain what it is. They keep the focus on benefits of a service or product to a client, who might need a bit of help imagining how they can use what you offer.

They are also told from the client’s perspective, which makes your service or product a lot more relatable for potential customers. Especially if the case study is in a similar industry to theirs! 


Save money

Last, but not least… Case studies are cheap! Yet they are effective in building trust and connecting with potential customers. A good case study can be used as a fantastic marketing tool to get your brand noticed and generate sales.


There are a number of different ways you can use a case study and the more of these you try, the better!


On your website

Create a page on your website dedicated to case studies. Make sure it’s prominent and easy to find. It needs to be easy to read/scan and should be structured the same way in each case study. Clearly define the goals and your approach and highlight the results.

Feature three of your most impressive case studies on your homepage if possible.



Video case studies are brilliant! They allow you tell your story simply, quickly and in a more engaging way. They cater for visual learners (which most people are) and prospective clients are much more likely to watch a video than read.

And best of all… we can help you create one! Check out some of the video case studies we’ve created for clients.


In your newsletter

You can include a case study in your client newsletter in the shape of an article. Make sure you highlight any challenges that your product or service helped overcome. This will impress prospective clients and showcase existing ones!


On social media

Share your case studies on all your social channels. On Facebook and Twitter, share the link with the post clearly indicating the highlights or challenges of the case study. On LinkedIn share it both as a publication and in relevant groups.


In pitches and presentations 

Don’t forget to include them in your sales pitches and presentations. What better way to convince someone to come on board than with a perfect example of what your product/service can achieve for a similar business!