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I haven’t always been a yes person, but I can testify to being someone who thinks big. Always have, always will & I encourage you to give it a go. If it wasn’t for this trait I wouldn’t have moved to Australia, the Deli Agency wouldn’t exist and I wouldn’t be sharing my strategic video knowledge with companies large & small!

It hasn’t been easy, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The journey I’ve been on and the lessons I’ve learnt have shaped who I am, and who the Deli is today.

Tomorrow we’re celebrating the Deli’s 3rd Birthday, and in the run up to this momentous I took some time to reflect on what I’ve learnt and how this has had impact on the Deli, our clients & our followers. Upon reflection, I discovered four traits that have held me in good stead:

Be one step ahead

As a millennial, I’m prone to being someone who’ll jump in and give anything a go to see if it works. And this is something that also runs through the veins of the Deli team. I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to keep your finger on the pulse, to play with new tech & generally just get your feet wet!

This past year has seen the Deli Agency:

  • work in every Australian state,
  • play on, and share knowledge of, every social platform, and
  • be an Australian first when it comes to Snapchat geo-filters,

PLUS I’m excited to announce that as a birthday present the Deli Agency received a drone!

Don’t be scared of going first

Don’t wait for someone else to do it first to see if it works. If your gut is telling you to give it a go, do it! People around you may tell you (or think) that your crazy but all the best people are! The world would be boring if we didn’t have our quirks.

From a social perspective the likelihood is your audience will love you for it because it shows that you’re human. And even if they’re not a fan of the content or product your creating they’ll tell you so, and that kind of immediate market research is priceless!

And from a brand perspective, my experience has been that people love the openness, the willingness & the honesty. I’m extremely proud of the team & our clients for thinking outside the box and not being scared to try new things.

(Check out the impact a pilot video series had for Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia!)

Trust in yourself

Trust in yourself, your team & those you surround yourself with. Being at the forefront of change, and being perceived as a risk taker is a bumpy journey. But as long as you stay true to yourself and have trust; opportunities for growth and reach are phenomenal.

Spring clean

And I don’t just mean at spring-time. Constantly be on the lookout for, and be conscious of, the things that are holding you back. As soon as you let these things go, AMAZING things will happen and the impact it’ll have on your life, the lives of those around you will be HUGE.


Considering the fail rates of small businesses in Australia, I’m extremely proud, thankful & humbled by the network of amazing people the Deli has around it. Thank you to all that have supported us over the years – we look forward to more exciting times ahead. And for those of you just joining the Deli community, welcome! We can’t wait to get to know you and make magic.

So if there’s one thing for you to take away from my experience in building the Deli Agency, it’s that I encourage you all to think big & hold your head high. Go out there and be a change maker – I’m excited to see what you come up with!


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