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We’re more than halfway through the year and what a better way to reflect on the past six months than sharing our favourite campaigns of 2015. What most people don’t know is that making videos isn’t something that can be done quickly; it takes skill, time and patience. There needs to be genuine and bright ideas and people who are passionate about what they believe in. You might have some favourite video campaigns from this year – make sure you share it with us!

We present to you our Top 3 Video Campaigns of 2015 (so far!)

3. Macca’s – it’s what Australia ordered

McDonalds has pretty much taken over the world. Even though their food isn’t exactly healthy, it provides a feed for a decent price (in our student days, those $1 deals were a godsend). It’s weird to see that this fast-food restaurant is offering a cafe option for their customers. Through the animation this video campaign uses, we see lots of creativity invested into it. Although it may not be Starbucks quality, at least it’s comforting to know that McDonalds is a place where it’s possible to meet your coffee demands each morning.

2. Official Coca-Cola “Big Game” Commercial 2015 #MakeItHappy

Coca-Cola is one of the many favourite go-to drinks worldwide. It has practically dominated the shelves of supermarkets and vending machines. Although not good for your dental health, a sip of it makes you happy – one of the greatest things caffeine does to us humans. This video commercial shows that Coca-Cola is invincible and their brand just gets stronger each year. Hashtags are an effective way to promote your product for both Facebook and Twitter platforms because it connects people through a digital medium in a fast and effective way. It’s true. Coca-Cola does #MakeItHappy.

1. Super Bowl 2015: Domestic Violence PSA


It’s hard to shake off this video commercial, even if it was released six months ago. Since this was shown at this year’s Super Bowl, the video went viral and the haunting phone call was indeed scary and confronting. How would you feel if your abuser is in the same room as you? In what way could you call for help without provoking any aggression from them? No one in the world deserves to be physically or mentally abused. It’s a difficult position to be in and sometimes “ordering a pizza” is all it takes to let people know that you need help. Fast.

Overall, video campaigns are a great way to promote your brand for your business. We hope that this list inspires you to come up with something brilliant. Video campaigning is an effective marketing strategy and not only does it keep businesses thriving but it also keeps clients happy that they can trust your company and its vision.