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This week on DeliBytes, Ali talks about vlogging and shares his top tips for video blogging.

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Top Tips for Video Blogging

Video blogs are all the rage at the moment keeping your followers updated on your movements whether they be business or personal can be fun and engaging.

Here are some top tips to keep your vlogging fresh:

Video blogs can easily run the risk of becoming boring and repetitive

But a simple way that you can ensure that you’re keeping them entertaining and engaging is by filming in different locations so you can film on the go,  whether that be you on public transport or at a cafe or even just different parts of your home it can add diversity to your videos and keep it unique and different for each video blog that you do.

Nobody wants to watch shaky or trembley videos

All the time it’s a surefire way to get your audience to switch off from motion sickness a great thing to do is to invest in something like a Monopod or a Tripod or even a selfie stick if you can get past the stigma.

A selfie stick is actually one of the best things you can get for vlogging especially if you’re doing it on the go as it ensures that you’re not breathing down the lens or you’re not obscuring your shot with your arm and it smoothens the shot to some degree especially if you’re walking around a lot in your vlogs.

Investing in a simple and cheap tripod is also a great idea especially if you’re going to be setting up a
camera in an office or studio space that you’re going to be regularly making videos in a stabiliser is another great tool that you can add to your vlogging arsenal and it can give a nice smooth and professional aesthetic to your vlogs.

Remember to keep your vlogs short and simple.

Most people’s attention spans these days has actually drastically shortened so the optimal sort of length that you should be looking at to make your video blogs is around 30 seconds to 3 minutes of max.

People don’t want to watch a 10 minute vlog on you rambling about things that are happening in your life so keep it nice bite-sized little clips that they can easily digest.

I hope these tips have been helpful for you guys and if you want to know anything else about video production or video strategy then check out the website and stay tuned for more DeliBytes!