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To survive in today’s digital world, you need to have your finger on the pulse and always be one step ahead of your competitors. With video being a fast moving industry (and our passion) we’ve compiled a list of video trends to look out for in 2017.

Facebook Video

In 2016 daily views on Facebook videos increased from 1 billion to 8 billion, so there’s no surprise why this one is at the top of the list!

At the moment Facebook is quite possibly the world’s leading innovator in the video marketing industry. So this year we reckon there’ll be an even bigger increase in uploading, viewing, sharing and discovering videos on Facebook.

LIVE Video

The ‘limited’ nature of live video makes it a huge opportunity for marketers. Viewers have a sense of urgency to tune in and interact with the content knowing that it won’t be available in real time again.

Facebook LIVE video has been extremely well received following it’s late 2016 launch. Both brands and consumers have been using the feature strengthen their interactions with followers.

And Twitter has recently connected with Periscope, and now allows it’s users to embed live broadcasts directly into tweets. For broadcasters, we consider this to be a huge access point to a massive new audience!

Multi-Channel Marketing

Gone are the days when putting a video on YouTube was your video marketing done. Now more than ever consumers are watching videos on different social platforms and on different devices. Meaning your video content needs to be crafted for different social media channels in order to gain exposure for your brand.

Video Apps

Move over millennials, Gen Z (13-24 year olds) are taking centre stage; and the one thing they like more than apps is visual content. Combine the two and you’ve suddenly got access to a whole new generation of consumers.

It’s for that very reason that we predict the growth of Instagram & Snapchat in the video app space isn’t going to stop anytime soon. There are over 10 billion videos viewed on Snapchat daily, and Instagram are becoming more and more focused on video all the time. Watch this space. Literally.


No it’s not a typo. It’s a new genre of video marketing – a combination of ‘informative’ videos and ‘entertainment’ videos. In order for consumers to digest the information you’re presenting them with they need to be entertained. Failure to do so will see users click away from your video content and forget all about it.

Virtual Reality

At the moment VR videos are still considered a ‘nice-to-have’; but with VR headsets becoming more accessible we predict that VR videos will likely become a ‘must-have’ this year.

As marketers you should be taking advantage of the immersive environment to ensure the full attention of your viewers.

Video & Email

We’ve been BETA testing the fabulous Bonjoro app for the past few months with great success. Why? Because email and video have the potential to make a great team.

We predict that 2017 will be the year that more brands will move away from text-heavy emails and begin favouring engaging video content!

Video Resources

People like to watch videos, so it’s a real no brainer that 2017 is the year for needing video resources. In particular for your sales team because 44% of people prefer to watch a product video over reading a brochure!

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