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How to Use Video for Business

This week on DeliBytes, Becca gives us the top level run-through of how to use video for business.

Check out the video above or on YouTube and if you like it, share it! We also summarised the tips below, have a read if you don’t have time to watch.

Now there is so man opportunities to use video content but in reality it comes down to:

1. What you can afford? and
2. How much time you have to both create it and also get that content edited.

I’ve constantly talk around consistency in relevant so keep those two things in mind. If you’re going
to create video content you need to keep it consistent and it’s also got to be relevant to your audience.

So how can you use video content for business?

Well the simplest and easiest way is to create a promotional video for your business.
This sits on your homepage or is shared across your social media accounts and it’s approximately two or two and a half minutes long and it tells your audience exactly what your business does.

Next option from there would be client case studies. This can be in the way of straightforward piece to camera testimonials in a simple start of what we’re doing now or a little bit more elaborate in terms of off-camera interviews with your existing customers overlaid with footage that we call B-Roll. It makes it a little bit more exciting for the viewer to watch and to understand.

Following on from there and I suppose if you want to do something a lot more consistent and a lot more regular would be to go down the video blogging route. A couple of different options to do you can do hand-held content, using your mobile phone.

There’s lots of DeliBytes videos on how to do that or you can engage a video production company to create some high-end content for you now in doing that I’d be looking at film trying to film between four and six in a session depending on how much content you have because that really maximises the time you have in front of the camera.

Following on from there you know you can go down events you could go down walkthroughs etc, etc really you know the world is your oyster when it comes to creating video content.

But regardless of how much of a demand the world is putting on you to create video content don’t push yourself too much and don’t spread yourself too thin remember that good video content is both relevant and consistent for your audience.

If there’s anything the team or I can answer for you don’t hesitate to jump online and ask us through our website!