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Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, as are videos and online content that actually catch an audience’s attention. Enter Vine: acquired by Twitter in 2012, Vine is a micro-blogging platform that allows for looped six-second videos, often spliced together using non-consecutive video tidbits. Six seconds don’t sound like much, but surprise, surprise, as quickly as Vine’s 40 million users (as of last year) adopted the micro-blogging trend, so did savvy online marketers who saw a world of potential.

Vine videos can be posted within a tweet itself, so viewers don’t even have to leave Twitter to view these videos. You can also track how many times your Vine has been watched using the ‘loop count’ in the corner.

Vine is the perfect way to show off your brand, without so much as saying a word to your audience about why they should buy something. There are hundreds of quirky and funny stories (that double as marketing videos) that you can make with the six seconds afforded to you.

A simple video like this one from Ritz Crackers has over 8,200 loops since it was uploaded onto Vine. You can bet it took only a few seconds to make, but has definitely kept the brand front of mind for those who happened to be hungry at the time of viewing

Check out this one from the clothing brand, GAP. Another simple video that uses bright, eye-catching colours and a GAP brochure to drive home the brand’s slogan.

Vine can also be used to encourage user-generated content. If people are viewing Vines, chances are they have a camera-enabled smartphone as well. Offering competitions or simply asking customers to participate by creating their own content related to the brand builds a stronger and more loyal audience.

This Vine was created as part of a Valentine’s Day promotion in order to win a free night at a hotel. It’s short, snappy and tells a story. And if the creator of the Vine happened to be the owner of a sock company, he’d sliding across his wooden floorboards in happiness.

Because you can pick and choose what to include in the Vine, you can also rehash existing video content into a summed-up preview and link it back to the original. This can serve to create mystery and interest for the original video.

Vine is also a perfect way to showcase events or news as they’re happening on the go – it’s almost like a video version of a tweet. Use it to announce the winner of an awards show, happy partygoers at the office Christmas party, the game-winning score at a football game, or a protest in the street outside your office building.

The opportunities are endless and six seconds is all you need.