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Using Video for Business

This week on Deli Bytes, Becca will be sharing her knowledge on using video for business.

Check out the video above or on YouTube and if you like it, share it! We also summarised the tips below, so have a read if you don’t have time to watch.

Learn the top level ways how to use videos for business. A lot of companies and businesses are putting video in a not too hard basket. It’s either under-budget or strategy.

When it comes to thinking about video content we try time and time again to work with organisations to look at the big picture and not work project by project.


A few ways you can start by integrating videos into your content would be how-to-videos.

If you’ve got a product or service that you need to walk a customer through, the ideal way of doing that is to a how-to-video. Secondary to that, would be a promotional video for your business, brand or product that could be a short 90-second video that can be hosted on your video website and can be a multi-purpose across social media.

If you have clients that are will to be on camera on your behalf and have stories to tell, you can create case-study content that can be at a form of a client story for example. And finally organisations that are starting getting into social media platforms involve is live streaming.

Air of caution on the live streaming is to really plan that content out, so that key messages are bang on and on point and that you got no legal or any ramifications internally for the content that you do distribute live on social platforms. But there is a whole heap of ways of using videos of different varying budgets throughout your organisation.

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