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It’s no secret that here at the Deli we LOVE vertical video. But it turns out that so do a lot of other people, and therefore so do brands.

Vertical videos fit snuggly in the rectangular view of most smartphones and have been Snapchat’s calling card for both users and brands in recent years.

Snapchat proved to the world that vertical video works. Instagram recently launched Instagram Stories & now Facebook is doing the same.

For just over a year, both users and marketers have been able to upload vertical videos into Facebook; but these clips have appeared square until the user taps on them. Over the coming months it’s likely that we’ll begin to see these videos automatically appearing vertical in mobile news feeds.

Facebook’s vertical video ads officially went live in America on September 2nd, just one week after the company announced they were imminent. The likes of LG & Hennessy amongst others launched rectangular ads for the platform, with initial statistics suggesting the CPM rates for vertical adverts were three times “more efficient than square video”. Thus supporting Snapchat’s boast of how well vertical videos perform for advertisers!

Considering the success of vertical video on platforms such as Snapchat, particularly with amongst millennials and Gen Z, we’re super excited to see the evolution of vertical video on Facebook and other social channels!

(Except David though, he still can’t get his head around this non-traditional way of filming video!)

Want to get your head around vertical video? Come along to one of our Snapchat for Business sessions!