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Brand consistency is vital across all mediums, but somehow video branding seems to get frequently lost or forgotten. We chatted to our in-house videographer / editor David and asked him to share his lust list for video branding elements.

One of the most important things you can do if you want your videos to remain consistent with the planning of your print and online media is put together a little folder with all the relevant materials in.

When a video editor is faced with a client project, they need the following:

Brand guidelines

Editors need to have an understanding of your brand. They need to know whether you have specific fonts, what your brand colours are and whether your logo needs a specific amount of space around it.

If you don’t have an official brand guidelines document from your graphic designer, simply create one yourself in a word document. You need to include:

  • Fonts
  • Colour – Hex, RGB & CMYK breakdowns
  • Logos – how this looks on a light and dark background

Font Files

Specific fonts may not always be available in the editing suite that the editor is using, so be sure to include all your brand font files.

Brand Logo

Ideally they need your brand logo in .ai, .eps or .psd format – as a design file allows us heaps of flexibility, including the ability to animate! But if you don’t have this then a highest quality JPEG should be sufficient.

If you’re already creating a lot of video content you may already have an animated logo or specific brand music to use. Video editors need your animated logo in a high quality QuickTime file format, and you music or jingle in a high quality mp3 format.

Put all your brand assets into specific folder. We recommend having a copy of the entire thing in a Dropbox folder you can share with us when you start your video project.


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