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In this day and age, online marketing has turned a corner and entered the world of truly visual content – and video marketing is at its forefront.

Consider the fact that roughly 57% of consumers said that product videos make them more confident in their purchase. Consider that online consumers are 1.8 times more likely to purchase a product than their non-video-watching counterparts. Consider that 80% of your online visitors will watch a video, while only 20% will read text in its entirety. Consider that tablet and mobile video views are up 400% on 2012.

80% of your online visitors will watch a video

All of these facts and figures point to the notion that video marketing cannot and should not be ignored. The benefits of video marketing far outweigh any challenges or costs you face creating them, and your result will allow you to connect with customers, build rapport, explore ideas and generate valuable leads.

There are a few ways you can use video in your marketing strategy.

Testimonials are a great way for future customers to see how happy current customers are with your product, service and skills. Real stories from real people are invaluable! Video testimonials can be either in-depth (structured like a case study) or off-the-cuff – both are beneficial and as long as your customer shares how your brand has positively impacted them, it will do its job in generating leads.

Of the brands on Instagram, at least 62% have shared an Instagram video before.

Mobile apps like Instagram and Vine have colossal monthly active users and offer short-length video capabilities for brands to tailor to consumers’ increasingly short attention spans. Don’t be afraid to have fun with these video sharing platforms – film a time-lapse of a dish being made, a model trying on ten of your brand’s creations or even some shenanigans from a day in the office. You can also use these videos as a mini show reel of your brand’s best works. For some more examples of brands using Vine for marketing purposes, visit our blog on How To Use Vine For Marketing.

Finally, product demonstrations and unboxing videos are extremely powerful in building trust for a consumer. Unboxing videos of products have risen by 57% in 2014 alone and creating one of these shows consumers your brand has nothing to hide and full transparency.

Unboxing videos of products have risen by 57% in 2014

Once your video marketing content is created, it’s important to treat it well. Use multiple platforms such as Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube and your website to share it, and make sure it is SEO-friendly. For example, by linking your Google+ account to YouTube, you can autoshare content across both mediums. Both are highly favoured by Google search algorithms!