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As businesses continue to hear about the benefits of video marketing, they can’t help but jump on the bandwagon. However, just because you’re using video, it doesn’t mean you will reap the benefits.

Video marketing can’t be an afterthought. Videos needs to be planned and well-thought out in order to succeed and better your ROI.

5 tips for better video marketing ROI

1. It’s all in the strategy

A clear strategy, with clear objectives is imperative for a successful video marketing campaign. Think about the solution your product or service provides.

Why would people want to know about what you have to offer? What’s in it for your audience?

Hard sell won’t work with a digital audience. Use a strategy that will speak to your audience without selling to them. You might consider branded content or a series of how-to videos.

Check out these 11 strategies used by big brands to for some inspiration.

2. Distribution

Thinking about where your video will be hosted and where and how it will be distributed is extremely important.

A video that features on your website for instance needs to be aimed at your existing audience. It needs to be informative, engaging and aimed at keeping viewers on your page longer. Your audience needs to feel like it’s worth coming back for more.

Part of the objective of your social videos (created for social channels) will be to grow and connect with your audience. Videos need to be short, engaging and communicate your brand personality and build awareness. The goal of using social media is to drive traffic back to your site, so use social videos for just that, through teasers and clear CTAs.

3. Storytelling

People love stories. Especially stories told through a visual medium.

The power of storytelling is manyfold – stories teach, spark deep emotions and they help people make sense of things.

Using storytelling in your video marketing will engage and connect with your audience on a much deeper level. People will remember your video not as a piece of advertising, but as an emotional journey you took them on.

Google’s Homeward Bound video is the epitome of storytelling. Saroo Brierley’s journey to find his hometown and family is a touching story, one that was ignited by Google Maps and Google Earth.


Another personal favourite in storytelling is this fake ad for Johnnie Walker, created by a pair of unemployed graduates – needless to say they are no longer unemployed.

4. Optimisation

Another way to make sure that your video marketing efforts aren’t wasted is through optimisation.

Yes, that’s right. SEO ain’t just for the written word, my friend. Video needs to be optimised for search engines, just like your website and blog posts.

Our quick tips for video optimisation basics are:

  • Video title: Make it count! A video’s title can grab people’s attention and if it includes keywords, will help search engines identify it as relevant
  • Keywords: Use them in your title (preferably as first few words), description and tags
  • Platforms: Embed videos from YouTube into relevant pages of your website, making Google’s job easier.

5. CTA

Many an opportunity have been missed by companies who don’t include a call to action somewhere (usually at the end) in their videos.

If your audience is captivated by your video, they will want to take action. Determine what action will support your objectives and direct your viewers on what to do next. You need to remember to include a CTA to make your video marketing successful.

Check out this video for MarketingCloud. Their CTA is displayed throughout the video and is at the top of the screen, urging viewers to download their report. The CTA is non-obtrusive, it’s easy to see and is clear and concise.

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