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Insta users and video lovers rejoice! Video on Instagram has just increased to 60 seconds! Instagram recently made the announcement, increasing video lengths from the previous 15-second limit. 60-second slots were only open to advertisers in the recent past. Those of you already taking advantage of video on Instagram will be delighted with the news. And for those who aren’t currently sharing vids on the platform, I ask you:

What are you doing???? GET ON IT!

Here’s how to get started and nail video on Instagram

What to post

The types of videos you should post depend on your industry, product and services. As with any marketing campaign, make sure you research and plan effectively – as the old saying goes “A goal without a plan is just a dream”. So stop dreaming and start planning. But to get you thinking about what you can post about, check out a couple of the types of videos on instagram.


If your goal is to increase brand awareness or promote your brand, creating a mini-series can be very effective on Instagram. To promote it’s new spring line, Gap created the #SpringIsWierd series. Although the 15-second restriction is so last year in this campaign, it illustrates the impact you can have in such a short time. Imagine what you can do with a series of 1-minute vids!

Behind-the-scenes (BTS)

Behind-the-scenes videos are great for connecting with your audience. They give viewers an insight into what you or your business gets up to – a backstage pass to where all the cool kids hang out! They also humanise your brand, giving it faces, voices and culture. Best thing about these videos is that the production costs can be low and they can be shared in real time – shoot it on your phone and post instantly. Too easy! Check out Ben & Jerry’s rocking BTS video on Instagram:


How-to videos are educational and, if done right, entertaining! They provide a creative, fast and sharable way to engage your audience and establish deeper connections. And now, you have an entire 60 seconds to do it in. They’re great for a wide range of industries – businesses selling beauty, health, furniture, services and the like, call all benefit from creating how-to videos on Instagram. I wish making Ravioli was really this much fun:

my entry for #whphowicook 2 hours of fun with th whp @instagram

A video posted by liviasala (@liviasala) on

Think before you post

Before you post your videos on Instagram, keep in mind a few things to make sure you’re not wasting your time.

No sound

video on instagram

Remember, when grammers are scrolling through their feed, your video won’t have sound. Make sure your video is attention-grabbing even without sound! If viewers can’t tell what’s going on they might scroll right past it. Although, sometimes mystery can work in your favour – but make sure you know when it will and won’t work.

Make an impact in the first few seconds

video on instagram 2

With people’s attention spans dropping exponentially, make sure you capture their attention in the first few seconds. Otherwise they’re gone! Especially with a longer format now available, you need to make the opening of your video funny / shocking / intriguing / mesmerising in some way.


video on instagram 4

Hashtags can extend your reach, generate new followers and build your audience. So you need to make sure you’re using them properly. Here are some tips:

  • Use popular hashtags sparingly
  • Only use hashtags relevant to your video
  • Include a caption, not just hashtags
  • Limit your use of # to around 3-8 per video


Monitor & measure

video on instagram 3

Just as you would on any other platform, don’t forget to monitor and measure the effectiveness of your videos. Social videos provide excellent ROI, so make sure you monitor, measure and report on results.

If you need help with social videos, we can help! Get in touch and we’ll show you how!