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Video can and should be used at all stages of an event. It generates better traction, an increase in click-through rates, open rates, time spent on a website and a higher engagement rate than text or images.

Pre-Event Promotional Videos and Teasers

To stir up interest and drive ticket sales, planning ahead is key. A series of short teaser videos with a 90-second promotional video will send word of your event to the right audience. Our promotional and teaser event videos are shareable and engaging, created specifically for websites and social media platforms. If you want to boost attendance and generate hype around your event, video will get you there.

Event Intro Videos

Start your event off in captivating style. Intro videos engage, inspire, excite and create the right atmosphere early on. Get your audience pumped and keen to participate from the word go.

Post-Event Highlights Videos

For people who couldn’t make it to your event, highlights videos are a perfect way to summarise what they missed out on (and prompt them not to miss your next event). They’re also great tools for showcasing work and any special elements you’ve organised. At the Deli Agency, we take great care in capturing the key moments of your function. We work closely with you to get a deeper understanding of your event and goals, allowing us to plan ahead for the best and most important shots. Our professional staff can also conduct informative vox pops on the day, useful for gauging audience satisfaction or addressing a specific subject you would like to explore. These can be used as separate pieces of content or edited into a highlights video. Highlights videos are great slices of content that can be shared across your social media channels, and featured on your website and in your EDMs. 


If your event includes guest speakers, important presentations or talks, capturing them will provide invaluable content to share with your audience. Full-length videos can be used as educational pieces and shared with attendees following an event. It’s an effective way to keep your audience engaged long after it’s all over. Crucial parts of a presentation can be edited into a short video and shared on social media to connect with people who weren’t able to attend. They serve as highlights that promote the awesome vibe of the occasion and encourage absentees not to miss out on the next one.

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