Together they’re the key to making sure your video delivers ROI

The key to successful video content is a video strategy. It’s not just about making a video, it’s about making your video WORK!

As technology has advanced, the ability to produce high-end video content at an affordable price has become mainstream.

Instead of cost being the biggest barrier to video, the real obstacles are now what content to create & how it’ll engage your audience.

Video marketing is about understanding what engages your audience, what platforms they play on & how the platforms work. It’s about creating content that works and constantly defining and measuring success.

Work with us to understand how, why & where you should be using content.
Discover hacks for producing content that maximises time, money & reach!
And learn how to ensure your video is consistently on brand, on budget and on time!


Deli Director Rebecca Saunders is one of Australia’s leading video marketers

Rebecca Saunders - Video Strategy - Deli Agency

Delve a little deeper with Becca to discover real video potential & implement the right use of video strategy to drive your use of video to the next level.

Becca is a natural visionary in the creative space, and her insights and knowledge will leave you ready to build strong strategies and content during the session. She will cover the following topic areas:

  • De-Mystifying Video Content
  • The Fundamentals of Video Marketing
  • Building A Strategy That Delivers
  • Amplifying Your Video Across Social

Whether you choose a 90 minute consult or an in-depth video strategy discovery session you’ll walk away with a complete understanding of how to create, implement & amplify your video content.


We have full production crews nationwide across Australia & New Zealand

Promotional Videos - Deli Agency
Deli Agency - Drone Videos

Want help with you video strategy? Talk to the Deli Team today!


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