Shaping your sustained success

Of the many things that differentiate us in the video production marketplace, our unwavering focus on video strategy precedes them all.

Paramount to creating successful video content, video strategy is the ace up our sleeve when it comes to engaging and impacting your target audience on the vast array of platforms they use. Strategy answers fundamental questions such as how, why and where should I be using video?

It’s an outcomes-driven solution designed to establish and advance your brand. As the foundation of success, we are meticulous about customising and optimising your video strategy. And because we’re just as fastidious about metrics, we measure and analyse the activity of your video content to make sure it’s working super hard for you.


Deli director and born visionary Rebecca Saunders

Rebecca Saunders - Video Strategy - Deli Agency

As an authority in her field, Becca’s expertise brings clarity to every step of the creative process.

She knows you’ll have questions and is here to answer them. Make it a 90-minute consult or an in-depth video strategy discovery session. Both provide a fundamental understanding of video content, video marketing, building strategy that delivers, and amplifying your video through social channels. Knowledge is power. Let’s harness it to propel your video marketing to new heights.


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