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Periscope, Facebook, Meerkat, Snapchat, Instagram – all making room for video to grow. Technology’s evolving, attitudes are changing and new trends are emerging. Here are our top 5 predictions of video trends for the rest of 2016.

1. Video for Mobile

Thanks to the high speeds of 4G networks (which many of us in Australia may not have experienced yet!), increase of video consumption on mobile has been skyrocketing for the past year or so.

What is amazing about this is that people, who are watching videos on mobile, seem to be giving it their full attention!

Businesses will need to ensure that the videos they publish are optimised for smartphone viewing. Otherwise, not only will they miss out on potential clients, but they’ll also leave viewers frustrated!

Optimising for mobile is one of the most important video trends of 2016.

2. Live streaming

Though not the most popular form of video (yet!), live streaming is piquing the interest of 16-34 year-olds. Check out the below by GlobalWebIndex:

video trends

Live streaming is definitely gaining momentum on social media. Facebook has even announced that their algorithm will now favour live-stream videos over regular ones.

When you consider the benefits, such as exclusivity and real-time experience, it’s plain to see why live streaming is a trend to watch this year.

3. A different way to measure

In the past few years, more and more businesses have jumped on board the video train, however measuring success hasn’t been so easy. Counting views is not an indicator of success.

Businesses are starting to realise that in order to measure ROI, they need to set specific goals and get down and dirty with monitoring a number of indicators.

Using the right metrics can now indicate your video’s reach, quality, relevance and even user experience.

With more insightful metrics surfacing on most platforms, one of 2016’s top video trends is going deep with metrics.

4. Interactive video

Involving your audience in the direction your content takes is an invaluable feature that drives engagement and gets your message across. This is why interactivity is in our top 5 video trends of 2016.

Its increase in popularity for both marketers and consumers has, no doubt, a lot to do with the ability to create a one-on-one connection between a product and consumer.

Data-driven insight and better user experience are both benefits that make interactive videos the marketing tool of the year!

Check out The Guardian’s Digital Deadly Sins interactive videos.

5. Multi-platform video marketing

The rise of video across various social media platforms means that marketers need to start looking well beyond YouTube to get maximum ROI from their videos.

An incredible 500 million people watch Facebook videos every day. Snapchat is quickly catching up, and with Instagram recently upping their video sharing capabilities to 60 seconds, they’re not far behind.

Just like with other types of content, businesses will start to carefully consider the channels and platforms they use to share their videos.

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