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You’ve heard of blogging, but vlogging is definitely a ‘thingʼ.

There are thousands of Vloggers out there, recording millions of hours of video on a variety of different social media platforms featuring anything from beauty tips to eating dinner to unboxing and playing video games.

In fact, here at the Deli Agency we vlog on a weekly basis directly from Deli HQ. (You can subscribe to our YouTube channel here)

For those of us who have grown up in the digital era, vlogging has become a significant part of our lives.

With the rise of YouTube and other social channels, video content is everywhere and growing up surrounded by constant advances in technology has been a very different experience than what previous generations have been accustomed to.

“Video is education, stress-relieving and (most importantly) keeps you connected!”

I often say in jest that ‘Google is the only one that reads’ – because written content is a huge part of a successful SEO strategy.

But if I’m honest, despite the fact that I write blogs on a weekly basis, the end of the blogging era begun in 2005 when a little video sharing platform called YouTube was founded.

The stage for a new-age self-expression, YouTube is now home to hundreds of thousands of live vlogs, with millions of daily views.

Vlogging has allowed a form of creative freedom to emerge those traditional forms of media, like TV, simply can’t accommodate and it’s so easy to get started with!

Today’s technology has given everyone the ability to broadcast anywhere, anytime – it’s all possible with your Smartphone!

Don’t get me wrong, to do it properly it takes planning, training and practice but it doesn’t always need to be shot professionally.
There are however things you need to get right:

Audio Quality

Even if the footage isn’t perfect, the audio quality needs to be. Be sure Invest in a good microphone and use it!

Shot Setup

There are a few Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to setting up a shot.

At a basic level:

  • DONʼT leave too much headroom
  • DONʼT film in front of a window without the right lighting
  • DO look at the camera when presenting


Getting in front of the camera is the easy bit (honestly); it’s the messaging and content strategy that’s difficult. Don’t just make video for the sake of having video – your content needs to be relevant for your audience. Always.

We release DeliBytes vlogs every week which cover industry tips and tricks when it comes to creating video content. You can subscribe to this on our YouTube Channel.

Want to start on the road of blogging?
Here at the Deli Agency we offer:

  • Training in ‘filming with your Smartphone
  • Training in LIVE streaming
  • Professional filming & editing of Vlogs
  • Professional editing services

Get in touch with us today to find out more!

For marketers who are looking for a way to reach the sought-after Millennial market are increasingly look to Vloggers for help.

Influencer marketing has exploded as a popular way to increase brand awareness and reach.

Millennials seem to hate ads more than any other generation – so breaking through to them presents a great challenge for marketers.

Influencers, such as Vloggers, are trusted sources of information, unlike brand advertisements. Using popular Vloggers to promote a brand or product can greatly increase brand awareness, reach and trust in a target market.

The moral of the story

Vlogging is most definitely the tool of the moment for people with something to say and brands looking to reach a certain market.

No matter which side of the vlogging space you’re on – make sure you do your research and plan ahead!

Want help with starting on your vlogging journey?

Get in touch with us today!