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I’ve been in the video production game for nearly 15 years now and have seen plenty of great, good and not so good videos, produced by large production companies, DIY-ers and creative amateurs. What most people don’t realise is that it is really important these days that your video is good quality: that it is shot well, the presenter knows what they’re doing, the audio is mixed properly, and so on. The public is used to watching multi-million dollar productions on TV. An episode of Breaking Bad costs, on average, 3-to-5 million dollars and that’s not taking into account the main actors’ fees, purely production costs. Now after watching these high qualities TV shows, picture this. Someone goes to your website and watches a video you have created – a video where you decided to save some money, plonked a handycam on a tripod in the room, didn’t put a microphone on the presenter, and didn’t light him or her. You have just brought down the subconscious perception of your brand by a huge amount, without even realising it. Now the quality of this video will be associated with your brand and everything your brand offers.

Bottom line: it is better to not produce a video at all than to produce a bad video.

So us here at The Delicatessen have been meeting with owners of small to medium businesses, as well as some large ones, and the comments coming through from everyone all seemed to be similar. “We think video is too expensive and takes too long to produce.”

So we got to work trying to figure out how we could streamline the production process and therefore make it simpler and more affordable. After 8 months of trial and error, we think we may have the product that everyone has been looking for – and it’s called The Man That Can.

We have made a product rather then a service offering. It is a video that is shot, edited and handed to the client in four hours for a fixed price. Done and dusted. No lengthy post-production, back and forth approvals and so on. There are of course restrictions on what we can do with the video because of time constraints and equipment limitations, but an experienced shooter and editor is able to produce a high-quality video in that time without any stress.

The uptake has been strong and we are seeing people using the service for many different things, as the format allows them to be flexible.

What could The Man That Can do for your business?

For more information about The Man That Can visit the website