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It popped up all over the US as part of the most ‘unusual billboard marketing campaign in a while, but it sure got people asking each other :


‘What the ghost?’


A simple and very effective campaign that was designed for curiosity that really delivered… Those who recognised the Snapchat logo wondered what it meant, whilst those unfamiliar with the brand were starting to converse and work out what this mysterious billboard could mean?

As you can see below the design contained no website, no call to action and now branding other than the logo itself!

What the ghost?

What the ghost?

This was a brave, but clever move by the innovative company, and it sure paid off, in the buzz, excitement and curiosity it created amongst people of ALL ages. To those who recognised it as the Snapchat logo, the billboards provided a bit of excitement. A mystery they wanted to solve:

“What could it mean?
Why is it there?
Is something new coming?
Will something great happen if I share this on Snapchat?”

The simple air or mystery that hung over the whole campaign got seasoned users and non-users both equally intrigued, and for very different reasons – but it worked & that’s what counts.

The recent updated stats show they are doing something right, with over 10bn video views (as of April 2016) – they have technically overtaken the official results from Facebook video for daily view count! It is also worth considering that the views on Snapchat are chosen to be consumed Vs Facebook’s 3 seconds playing in a feed counting as a ‘view’ – That coupled with the full screen element of Snapchat Vs Facebook’s busy platform layout – we know where we are backing for the engagement right now. Although Facebook’s LIVE video does look set to grab it’s market share back – Watch this space.

That aside – it is safe to say that Snapchat are trading in the right field – ATTENTION & the ghost only campaign draws parallels to the ‘What colour is this dress?’ saga online of 2015 – Intrigue will always fascinate people! It is human nature to want to be the first to know or work something out.

What the Ghost – Well played Snapchat