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When Do You Need a Professional Editor?

This week on DeliBytes, Becca talks about when do you need a professional editor?

Check out the video above or on YouTube and if you like it, share it! We also summarised the tips below, have a read if you don’t have time to watch.

Now this is normally something the guys talk about from a technical perspective but from a strategy perspective I think it’s really important to touch on what you really can and can’t do as a business owner or someone that is trying to create content on the fly alongside their other job.

Well there are the roles in their business I should say so when it comes to creating video content if
you can keep it going and keep talking to the camera you really don’t have to be editing your content at all.

I mean that can just go up live as it is online, if you want to do some basic editing simple ending with your logo and contact details is sufficient when it comes to do something a little bit more complex.

Obviously you’ve got the likes of iMovie or movie player or whatever they are available on Epson and computers these days but when it comes to doing something a little bit more exciting talking about overlay content, we’re talking about music, we’re talking about different cuts, adding graphics having elements like that you’re starting to look at creating content using high end editing software.

Here at The Deli we use Adobe Premiere Pro. There’s a lot of layers and a lot of complexities to it and whilst I was discussing this on a recent daily bites live workshop it soon became relevant and obvious I guess to the guys in the room that actually when it comes to looking to do more complex edits the words they said were “look slightly more complicated I now understand why I need to bring in a professional”.

So as much as you want to be creating your own content and by all means go film it we’ve done a lot of
videos ourselves on what handheld gear to use what equipment you can add to your mobile phone to give you some good content.

If you do want a really crisp good edit on that content I would a hundred percent recommend bringing in a
professional experienced editor so that you’ve really got some great content that represents your brand and your messaging really well. That’s it from me anything that’s more technically and editing relevant there’s a lot more DeliBytes videos available in this series.