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Sometimes perceived as costly and time consuming to achieve, we often get asked ‘why is video good for business?’ Well the list for this is endless but I’ll pick up on two key points that I think of real importance:


Every platform essentially now allows you to post video content, whether that’s native within a platform or whether that is sharing your YouTube, or Vimeo channel out. So the number one answer to ‘why is video good for business?’ is that it is accessible to everybody, Which means you can reach your entire target audience.

By 2019, 95% of all internet traffic will be video

Brand Personality

Attention spans of target audiences are rapidly declining, so your audience is most likely going to want watch a video rather than read a whole page of text. Secretly my opinion is that Google is the only one that still reads – I am after all slightly swayed further towards the use of video content over text!

But when I say that, from experience I know that most people struggle with ‘how I can start using video content for my business?’ – we’ve just touched on it. It’s called blog content!

When having conversations with business owners and entrepreneurs the majority of them tell me they’re writing blogs because they think they need to.  And that despite having a rough content plan in place, writing blog content is too difficult and too time consuming. Sound like you?

Well, if you’ve already got a content plan in place, there’s nothing stopping you in terms of getting in front of a camera and actually saying your blog content out loud.

It’s more likely going be quicker, it’s going be more natural and it’s going have your brand’s tone of voice. PLUS, once recorded you could then transcribe your videos and turn them into written blogs!

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Why is video good for business?