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It’s true that the number of Facebook likes your business or brand’s Facebook page has reigns supreme when it comes to how people perceive you – people seem to gravitate towards and legitimise pages with thousands of likes, while pages with only a handful get looked down upon as too new or unprofessional. This leads many businesses to buy Facebook likes – and here’s why that’s not a good idea.

Buying likes is all about vanity, because no matter how many likes you’ve bought, only a small portion of them will actually engage and interact with your page. Many of these purchased likes can be fake accounts or random strangers from odd corners of the globe who will never need to use your business for anything.

Furthermore, Facebook’s algorithm has recently changed. It now rates you on your content – how original, engaging and frequent it is, thus affecting how often your content appears in your fans’ newsfeeds. Social Media Today gave a helpful explanation as to what happens when you buy fans:

“You have 200 organic fans of your page. Let’s say 25% of them engage with your content on a regular basis, that’s 50 fans.

You buy 1000 fans (now a total of 1,200). If those 50 fans are still engaging with you, Facebook sees that only a meager [sic] 4.2% of your fanbase is engaging with your content. This tells the algorithm that you aren’t producing valuable content, and you will appear in your fans’ Newsfeeds even less often.

Not only does buying fans create a domino effect for your content to not see the light of day on Facebook, but it can also hurt your brand’s reputation. Many marketers can tell in an instant when a business has purchased their likes (i.e. they have 12,000 fans but most posts only get 10-20 likes or comments), so it’s much better to have a smaller, targeted but altogether more engaging audience.

Providing innovative, helpful content is a much better goal to focus on if you’re trying to grow your Facebook page likes. Well-crafted content will be engaged with by more people, which in turn will rate you higher in Facebook’s algorithms and will show up on more people’s newsfeeds. Simple contests or giveaways can be an easy and effective way to get more people liking and commenting too, while boosting a post every now and then can be beneficial as you can target your post to a specific demographic.