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Hootsuite’s first Social Breakfast took place at Fishburners in Sydney this morning. The topic of conversation ‘Launching Social Media Channels’ centred around Woolworths’ debut on Twitter.

The brand registered their Twitter handle @Woolworths in 2008; and sent their first tweet “Aha! We’ve finally found our Twitter password…” on 1st June 2016!

Woolworths First Tweet

Moderated by Ben Mulligan, Marketing Manager ANZ of Hoosuite; the panel was made up of Stephen Arnold, Transformation Manager, Content & Conversation at Woolworths; Angus Keene, Head of Online Sales, DEO at Twitter; Fei Wang Senior Digital Strategist at One Green Bean.

As a social platform, Twitter has always been a live, mobile first platform. As a key sponsor of the Rio Olympics, Woolworths moved to Twitter so that they could be part of the conversation happening on the platform. For them it was about being present and getting it right.

Surprisingly Woolworths found themselves with just under 11k followers on Twitter before they even became active on the platform:


“People were following us because of that brand that we are
and we were on the platform”

Stephen Arnold, Transformation Manager, Content & Conversation at Woolworths


However, this level of following didn’t have the brand jumping on the platform straight away and rightly so!

As social marketers our biggest challenge is what content to push out. What is the purpose of each channel? And how do we make the content engaging and relevant?

So in collaboration with Twitter and One Green Bean, Woolworths undertook lots of planning and development of content strategy.

Together they developed a checklist of 4 things that all need to be in line and in position before any content is distributed:

1. Team

Having the right team of community managers to manage conversations that the brand can be proud of on the social platform is imperative.

2. Process

In order to manage content & conversations internally within a team, clear processes need to be in place to ensure questions are answered by the right people.

3. Strategy

Before getting involved with any social platform a clear content strategy needs to be in place.

4. Timing

In order for content to reach eyeballs take time to research the optimum posting time for your audience.


Focussing on ‘platform hygiene’ and getting the customer care right has been fundamental for Woolworths’ success on the platform. And whilst it baffles me that the process took so slow to complete in order for the brand to become active on Twitter, it’s clear how much of an impact clear & concise content strategy can have!


Want to learn how to create a content strategy? Talk to the Deli Team today.


(P.S Given the discussion topic, the lack of tweeting from within the audience was phenomenal!)