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With the recent launch of YouTube Red, did you know that your membership also gives you the ability to listen to music without adverts too? Here’s the rundown on YouTube Music.

YouTube Music has been developed from YouTube MusicKey – the beta run, invitation only program YouTube launched as a research tool. Key learnings they took away and implemented in YouTube Music include users being:

  • Multi-taskers – they don’t just watch videos & listen to music,
  • Impatient – they want the ability to easily find premium content through simple navigation, and
  • Data Conscious – where possible they want to conserve as much data and battery power as possible.

Taking these into consideration, YouTube Music allows you to have background playing. Meaning you’ll be able to continue playing music even when you leave the app or have your screen turned off.


“There’s a lot of music on YouTube. Music videos, tracks, artists, albums, remixes, covers, lyric videos, and concert footage — the new app simply makes it easier to find, organise, listen to offline and discover new content.”

T Jay Fowler, Product Management Director of Music at YouTube


You’ll also get your own personal music station, with recommendations populated based on your tastes and the music you’ve previously listened to. You’re able to control the variety of music and give a ‘thumbs up’ to content you particularly like.

The YouTube Music app will also automatically create an offline mixtape for you, and your YouTube Red membership automatically gives you premium membership to Google Play Music!

And as with most social platforms and applications, there’s also trending lists with the most popular music on YouTube each day.

We do have one concern though. By simply rearranging content for users rather than starting a streaming service from scratch, YouTube have skillfully avoided the need renegotiate payment deals with the artists. But as with YouTube Red, we’ve been reassured that creators will get the majority of revenue raised from content hosted on the platform. Time will tell whether this really is the case.

Check out the official YouTube Music video below: